Making judgments during crunch times require people and process

Making judgments under pressure is hard. Without the right resources, it can feel isolating and overwhelming.


It’s all about the people


Remembering this one mantra during crunch times will serve you: ‘I'm not alone'


It can feel that way, and if you are at the pointy end of the hierarchy, you have every reason to think you are alone. After all, we are familiar with the saying ‘it’s lonely at the top’. But is it really? If every single person were to look up or sideways, would there really be no one surrounding you? There is always someone.


So when it comes to making judgments under pressure, say ‘I’m not alone'. And follow it with ‘who do I need to help me with this judgment?’. Then instead of a race against the clock to judgment day, the race is to the phone to get access to the person/the people that will help inform your decision.


It’s all about the process


When it comes to...

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Judgment is our new currency

We have all felt it. The walls feel like they're caving in (ironic, because you haven't left the building for 14 hours) and you're starting to feel hot. It's crunch time.


People are generally regarded in one of the following ways when under pressure:

1. Those who make effective decisions and judgments

2. Those who take irresponsible shortcuts

3. Those who make intentionally incorrect decisions

4. Those who stick their head in the sand



When under pressure, your brain is trying to make sense of things and it's trying to do this under difficult conditions - i.e. when tired, stressed or overwhelmed. Executive thinking (the thinking required to make good decisions and judgments) occurs when your brain can interpret information in a logical manner in order to make correct decisions. When stressed, it is harder for your brain to put the pieces of information together in a way that serves you.


It's like the time I sprinkled paprika on my bircher muesli instead of...

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