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For more than 15 years, Alena has led her own successes with extensive audit, finance, risk, communications and leadership expertise in Australia and the US. It was during this time she experienced how hard it was to roll from deadline to deadline with very little downtime, and how this experience was heavily impacted by the leader. In her leadership roles, she chose to flip that approach and show others the positive impact of treating your team right. She soon found staff and leaders alike frequently approaching her to help navigate through their situations.

Deciding to dedicate her energy into developing leadership, Alena is a mentor, trainer, facilitator and coach who is driven by helping people through moments of truth - or crunch times.  She does this by helping them translate so-called ‘soft skills’ into ‘smart skills’ and realise their benefit when incorporated into the day - a day that is already bursting at the seams with commitments and deadlines. Clients gain confidence as they regain control and with it, perspective of what needs to be achieved with improved focus to achieve it. 

By connecting leadership and technical skills, leaders are more capable to tactically navigate and lead their teams through the depths of crunch time for better decision-making, leading to better results and outcomes. 

What sets Alena apart from others is that she has worked in senior audit, finance and other technical leadership roles in her career so she has walked in her clients’ shoes. A certified iWAM (Inventory for Work Attitude and Motivation) practitioner, she can also provide clients with an in depth understanding of what drives them at work at a below-conscious level. This allows her to have a deeper understanding of her clients' needs and enables her to deliver more effective outcomes faster.

Alena is a wife and proud mum of two daughters. The radiant energy she brings to her clients is the same as the sunshine and ‘cheek’ she brings to her family. Never one to shy away from a conversation, however, she’ll respectfully provide you with feedback if she feels it will serve you and in doing so will take your learning experience to levels that it may not otherwise have gone. One thing you’ll be sure of is that Alena always has your back. 

What our clients say... 


Anna Brown

Director - Strategic Partnerships

"Alena is exceptionally good at reading and understanding people and has an intuitive sense of how to help people see the bigger picture  - their future and how to get there. She has guided me through a recent career transition providing advice and coaching. As a result of our work together, I have been given new tools to design my life rather than let it be designed by other forces, sustained better resilience and maintained an improved outlook on life. I have no doubt I wouldn't be as happy, balanced and positive about the future of business without the coaching Alena has provided me over the last 3 months."

Michael Rizk

Business owner - iMove

"I was skeptical going into any form of coaching when our business was going so well in its early stages however now having seen the difference this has made I feel we would have wasted a lot of time trying to catch everyone up this year whereas Alena's insight helped us nail that in 3 days.

1 month after the team is still humming and buzzing. As managers we have clear direction with what our staff need to succeed both personally and professionally this year."