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Elevate: Finance Team of the Future
Equip your finance team with the skills and attributes needed to give you the confidence to stay out of the weeds and operate 'at level'.
Elevate: Finance Team of the Future
Equip your finance team with the skills and attributes needed to give you the confidence to stay out of the weeds and operate 'at level'.

Do you:

Have a finance team of more than 5 people?

Have a finance team working in a hybrid model (remote and in-office)

Have a leadership team that are great technically and individually, but need to step up and be more visible, strategic, cohesive and collaborative

Know that the work performed on the foundations over the past 2 years needs to be leveraged and optimised.

Needs processes, cadences and culture to recalibrate to ensure that performance doesn't plateau.

Worries that without a high performing and cohesive finance team, their own personal growth and opportunity will stagnate. They will not be able to achieve their goals.

A Program to Create the Finance Team of Tomorrow
tools icon
The Tools to
The tools and templates they need to secure elevated team performance
improved team cohesion icon
Improved Team Cohesion
Achieve stronger team cohesion, enhanced trust and improved communication cadence
measurable improvements icon
Measurable Improvements
Garner measurable improvements and progress against expectations
What participants are saying about 'Finance Team of the Future'

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"Alena helped us innovate, by sharing insights in a better way, as well as ideas to change our routine. She made us realize that we have it in us to change things in order to be that celebrated finance team."
"Working with the finance team that was empowered by Alena's guidance leveled up their communication style, they've become more action oriented, very welcoming with listening to feedback, and proactive towards action items. As a result, there is enthusiasm in learning more about other branches of business; and they are able to produce meaningful reports and reports that we didn't know we needed."
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Finance Team


"This program made us think about a lot of great ideas like stepping out to let our voices be heard, by building connections and getting more involved in the decision-making process"

Finance Teams of the Future

Most finance teams are experienced at best, exposed at worst. We partner with CFOs to develop their existing talent into an elevated finance team.
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 The 4 Types of Finance Teams
(and the one you want to lead)

Teams made up of staff that have existing finance and finance-related skills, but that are underperforming will be quickly exposed as their company tries to navigate their way into the future. These teams are typically characterised by low diversity, low change team members and do their best to fly under the radar.


Most finance teams sit here. These teams are performing well - high performing even - now. However, they do not have, or they have not considered the skills required to be a high performing finance team in the future. For these teams 'success' has an expiry date.


This is particularly common in new and fast growing businesses, where over the past 12- 18 months, recruitment has been focused on future skills or skills required to deliver the future strategy. Because of the pace of change, or relative immaturity typical of these businesses, performance isn't where it needs to be despite the skill capability.


This is where finance teams of the future teams sit. They are high performing AND they have capability that will enable them to evolve and grow to the new demands of the future. Elevated teams are typical highly self-aware, adaptive and diverse. CFOs of elevated teams have the confidence to know their team can operate effectively without them and therefore can focus on business strategy and growth.

Why You Need an Elevated Finance Team,
Fit for the Future
See how a CFOs ability to perform is influenced by the level of their team's performance and capability below.
illustration diagram of CFO finance team performance and capability
illustration diagram of the finance team of the future trifecta
The 'Finance Team of the Future' Trifecta
capability icon
When teams have an awareness of the vision, and activity is aligned with that vision, it allows laser focus on the right skills, behaviours and attributes. Your team are FUTURE FOCUSED.

cohesion icon
When teams are aware of and aligned with the goal and journey ahead of them, they are able to move forward in one direction: in a cohesive manner. They can withstand shocks to the economy, workplace and leadership. Your team are FUTURE PROOF.
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When teams are laser focused on the right activity, and they are aligned in their vision, they're able to establish the optimal cadence to create velocity in their work. Your team can be agile to the pace of the business and market. They are FUTURE FIT.

This program is ideal for you if...
✅   You are a CFO in Australia or New Zealand who has a team of greater than 5 people. Where the team is greater than 20+, you have an established Finance Leadership Team

✅   You know what you want in your team but don't have the time, structure, or resources to implement them

✅   Your business is growing

✅   You want your team to be business partners and your CEO/shareholders expect the same.

✅   You want to grow and support your team so you can stay out of the weeds
This program is not ideal for you if...
❌ You are happy with the status quo.

❌ You operate with a command and control team leadership style

❌ You are not looking for measurable positive outcomes

You'll walk away from this program with...
✅   a team that feels inspired, energised and equipped to execute and deliver the business strategy

✅   a more connected team, that has greater trust in each other

✅   a clear understanding of what your finance team needs to thrive

✅   an improved operating rhythm and communication cadence

✅   your finance team having better relationships with their key shareholders in delivering greater value to the business

✅   measurable improvement and progress against expectations

✅   improved stakeholder feedback and engagement with your team

✅   a suite of tools and templates that you can utilise to ensure your team continue to stay elevated beyond the course of the program

How long is the program?
I work with Finance Teams over 6 or 12 months. The length of the program is determined based on the current state of the team and the outcomes needed by the CFO and business. 

A key tenet of the Elevate program is that changes are observable and sustainable well beyond the course of the program, and the 6 and 12 month cadence is established accordingly.
What outcomes will I get?
In the early part of our engagement, and validated by your key stakeholders, we will identify the outcomes and KPIs. Typically these include: 

- improved business partnering relationship with the business
- greater cohesion within the finance leadership team
- improved productivity and collaboration within the finance leadership team
- elevated strategic thinking and operating at the executive table and with stakeholders
- improved relationships and level of influence with key stakeholders
How do you measure the outcomes?
We use several tools to measure key outcomes. However, do you know that 'if a tree falls in the woods?' analogy? Well, the same applies for performance.  We engage with several of your key stakeholders on a continuous basis to make sure that performance outcomes meet the needs of the business.
Is there any other way my team can work with you?
Yes. Depending on the circumstances, and based on our existing relationship with you and your business, we can tailor shorter programs of work.
Expert in Finance Leadership
Alena Bennett
Alena Bennett is an expert in CFO Leadership.
Obsessed with delivering results beyond the numbers, Alena helps leaders in finance unleash the power of their purpose, and brings that to life by teaching them the mindset, skills and behaviours they need to deliver results that inspire. As a Chartered Accountant with international public practice and corporate experience and a trained educator and published author, Alena is the go-to for leaders in finance looking for next-level success.
Alena's life work is dedicated to elevating performance and creating possibilities through purpose, presence and people. She understands that purpose integration is the missing link when leaders in finance start to feel their career stagnate or when they feel frustrated that their effort is no longer delivering results, being valued or recognised. Along with purpose integration, she believes executive presence and an active powerbase are the keys to elevating leadership and moving from authority to mastery.
Alena is a wife and proud mum of two daughters. The radiant energy she brings to her clients is the same as the sunshine and 'cheek' she brings to her family. Never one to shy away from a conversation, however, she'll respectfully provide you with feedback if she feels it will serve you and in doing so will take your learning experience to levels that it may not otherwise have gone. One thing you'll be sure of is that Alena always has your back.
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