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Alena is a thought leader, passionate about connecting with people to help them deliver outstanding results that inspires. Our mission is to equip leaders to experience the impact leadership skills has in supporting their technical skills when they are leading their teams through Crunch Times. With our guidance, leaders are provided with insight into the factors that make Crunch Times a success or a failure and the skills and tools needed for sustained success. Meeting the deadline is only part of the equation!

"Alena helped me achieve my goal to create a business I was passionate about. She helped me put together a plan - and execute it - that allowed me to fulfil my goal and acknowledge the constraints I was working within. Alena is authentic, practical and a creative thinker who allows her clients to see a clear path to success. She is the perfect person to talk to if you want to build a plan for your business that matches the plan for your life."

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Afton Fife

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With any deadline cycle, you can see there is a point in time - a moment - that commences, called ‘crunch time’. This is the time that counts.


In a sporting game, this is when the whistle blows to start the game, and when all of the training comes together for you and your team to perform at your best. You win the game. What happens next, however, really shows you how effective you were. Do your players recover quickly, or do they get stretchered off, injured?

In business, despite leaders' best intentions of leading and driving their teams to perform at their peak when it counts, the pressure of delivering to the deadline overcomes that intent. Leaders become inconsistent and teams move into chaos. The focus shifts to compliance and delivery at almost any cost. This results in stress, overwhelm, poor decision making and sometimes, resignations.

‘Crunch Time’ focuses on these 3 things: leaders, their people and how they deal with the pressures they face. This is because when times are good - everythings’s great, but when times get tough, people shift.

Every deadline, every crisis, every moment of truth can come at great cost if you don’t manage your way into and out of crunch time.

Talk to me about how your leaders can lead through crunch times with greater impact: allowing them to more effectively address risks, make the right decisions and leaving their teams feeling inspired. Empower them with the tools to deliver to deadlines without killing their people. 

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