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Do you know the power in your purpose?

Receive an extract of my book and immediate access to my Amplify program which is designed to amplify your impact, improve your leadership and increase your influence.

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Developing capability

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As a Chartered Accountant with international public practice and corporate experience and a trained educator and published author, Alena is the go-to for senior finance leaders looking for next-level success.



coaching program

Is C-suite your next step? 

As an accredited coach and motivational profiling practitioner, Alena's highly effective coaching process will get you "C-suite ready"! This leadership development program focuses on identifying and amplifying C-suite skills, behaviours and attributes that align with your natural strengths.

Women in Finance

mentor and training programs

Are you a woman in finance?

Alena has a range of programs and workshops available for you and the women in finance, audit or financial services that you work with.

These have been incorporated into her new book, Meaning Matters: Results Beyond the Numbers, specifically for women in finance.

Team leadership

coaching and training programs

Is a high performing team the key to unlocking your next step?

As a highly skilled facilitator and trained educator, Alena's team leadership programs effectively combine individual leadership development with team cohesion so that their individual impact is leveraged for greater outcomes.


Do you need a professional speaker for your next event?

conference & event presentations

Described as a "velvet glove", Alena can 'educate from the stage' in an entertaining and engaging way that will bring your participants together, talking and laughing, while learning at the same time. Your participants will thank you!


Alena is a thought leader, passionate about connecting with people to help them deliver outstanding results that inspires. Our mission is to equip leaders to experience the impact leadership skills has in supporting their technical skills. We work with leaders to identify what they really want, and craft a path that gets them there in a way that allows them to focus on the stuff that matters to them. 

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