Why CFOs Can’t Wait

09/25/2023 06:56:21 +0000

There's some interesting conversation happening in the school parent Facebook group at the moment. Our school is using a primarily paper based approach to learning during lockdown – using worksheets. As you would know if you are homeschooling or have homeschooled in the last 18 months, each school does things a bit differently. Some of the parents at our school have caught wind that other schools in the area are doing online learning and have drawn the conclusion that our school is behind because we're using worksheets.

Better the devil you know?

Last year our children were at a different school. We had online learning and it was miserable. We had to access at least 10 different apps and use them during any one day – imagine, 10 passwords, and some of those apps were only available on the latest operating systems which didn't work on our girls' very old hand me down ipads. Multiple that chaos by 2 and add 2 full time working parents on top. Say no more.

Recognise this sentiment?

As a result, I'm of the opinion that it's easier to make progress using the worksheets. Virtual isn't always better.

However, I think the point is that we need to find whatever way works to keep moving forward.

I'm hearing some CEOs and CFOs saying things like 'we just need to wait until lockdown is over' and 'I can't make that call until we're done with this'. That worries me. If there's anything we've learned from lockdown last year is that many companies thrive. Gihan Perera, futurist, keynote speaker and author of Disrupted says 'A crisis doesn't create leaders, it amplifies them'. What is this crisis amplifying in you?

Many CFOs are using this as an opportunity to innovate and develop new revenue streams and new ways of working. I think what's going on in some circumstances is that CFOs have a model (last year's process) they can follow to 'get out of this thing' and so they're just doing what they did last year. This thought process is limiting. As a CFO I work with said this morning 'This lockdown is different.'

We've got to keep thinking.

You can't stop making decisions because as the saying goes, 'standing still is going backwards'. You need to find a way to get through this. I encourage you to assume that we will be working this way for at least the next 12 months and see what ideas stem from that way of thinking. It is your responsibility to deliver performance outcomes despite this very imperfect context we find ourselves in.

Don't hold up your decision.

The online conversations with the parents in the school reminds me that we need to galvanise with our team and run our own race. Be mindful and respectful of society around you, but don't compare yourselves to them. We need to stay strong and support one another to do our best during these very difficult times.

Author: Alena Bennett

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