Are You Okay?

09/25/2023 06:56:21 +0000

As you probably know, today is RU OK day: the day we take a moment to check in on the people in our world. This year has undoubtedly been challenging for everyone in such a vast variety of ways. Our strength, resilience and resolve has been tested.

I'd like to honour today for what it stands for.

Are you okay?

I am genuinely interested to hear what you have to say. I am here to listen.

I have been sharing with a group of peers that I have recently recommenced my Life SAVERS. This is because I know that when I start the day with my Life SAVERS my head is clear, I feel calm, confident and focused. I can perform at my best.

SAVERS is an acronym crafted by Hal Elrod in his book, Miracle Morning, and it stands for:

Silence (Meditation)





Scribing (Journaling)

The premise in The Miracle Morning is that if you wake up 1 hour earlier each morning and spend 10 minutes on each of these activities, you will unlock your highest performance.

What I find useful about the Miracle Morning is that it's highly adaptive - if you have 6 minutes to spare, just do 1 minute of each. If you can't do all those things in the morning, do them throughout the day.

It's a routine that works for me and helps me move into the day with clarity and focus.

It helps me be okay.

What activities do you incorporate into your daily routine to help you be okay?

Take your time, I'm here for you

I hope you have taken a few minutes to read this email...and that by doing this, you've slowed down a little and you're ready to check in and ask yourself, "Am I really okay?"

(Let's face it, we all have a tendency to rush through life saying, 'Yep, all good here' and move onto the next task, meeting or deadline in your day.)

If you don't feel okay...

Awareness is the first step to action. But you might be wondering why 'things don't just feel right'. This is where coming back to purpose and meaning helps. What is your purpose? What drives you? What is meaningful to you?

When we feel 'a bit off' and we can't pinpoint why, it's usually because there's some misalignment between our purpose and our activities. It causes internal friction which feels like a knot in your stomach.

This is where the journaling (above) can help. Write the answers to the 3 questions above and then write down your current areas of focus. Is there alignment? Is there a mismatch?

Meaning matters....use your feelings as a compass to guide your next steps.

Are others around you okay?

The RU OK day website has useful resources to help you help others around you. I encourage you to take a look, but here are the 4 simple steps you can take to check in with others:

The guidance also suggests you should trust your gut: if you feel like someone isn't okay, act on that. Reach out to them and make the time to listen.

I will make the time for you.

Author: Alena Bennett

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