Alena Bennett's Upcoming Events (June - July 2021)

09/25/2023 06:56:21 +0000

I am delighted to share with you my upcoming events currently scheduled over the next 2 months which cover:

CFOs of Influence Index (closes today): Don't forget you have until 5pm today (AEST) to get the insights free. This is perfect for CFOs who want insight into their CFO journey and what to do next in order to elevate as a CFO.

CFO Boardroom (10 June): This exclusive high performance coaching program is designed to support CFOs gain the clarity, insight and confidence they need in 2021 and do so in a supported and confidential space with their peers.

CFO Planning Day (2 July): perfect for CFOs who need to reset, reenergise, refocus on themselves, their skills and their plan for the new financial year.

CFOs Connect Breakfast Series (14 July): perfect for CFOs who want to connect with other experienced CFOs over breakfast, engage in genuine discussion and receive valuable tools.

Webinar: CFOs of Influence (21 June): perfect for CFOs who know they need to have more influence with their CEO, their team and across their organisations in order to elevate their careers.

Webinar: Leading Finance Leadership Teams (9 July): perfect for CFOs who need their team to lift so they can elevate their focus to commercial conversations and strategic insights.

Webinar: Time Hacks for CFOs (23 July): perfect for CFOs who need more time for the things that matter.

The Leading Women in Finance Network Dinner(16 June): perfect for female finance leaders who are looking to connect with like-minded women.

I'm delighted to share with you as a valued member of my community, my CFOs of Influence Index, hot off the press. In short, it is a series of 16 multiple choice questions that, once answered, will provide you with a personalised report that will give you an indication where you are at with respect to your CFO journey and what you need to do next in order to elevate your role as a CFO.

For the first 10 CFOs who complete it will also receive the following:

1. Your individual 'sequence to success' that will tell you the exactly what skills you need to focus on to elevate your success but also the order in which you need to prioritise these skills that will accelerate achievement of your goals

2. A downloadable PDF report that you can use to:
  1. inform your own personal career path
  2. drive performance and professional development conversations with your CEO

I hope you find the insights you receive from the CFOs of Influence Index interesting and useful.

Access the Index here

What does it mean to be a CFO of the Future? Do you know what you need to continue to deliver for your CEO? Do you have the capability and connections to ensure you can implement the initiatives that will firmly position you and your team as genuine partners to the business?

If you feel you have a lot more value to give, see gaps and crave the opportunity to elevate your role as the CFO in your business, then this exclusive Boardroom program may be for you.

Learn more here

Do you want to start the new financial year with clarity and energy?

As a CFO, you can often feel like you're in a constant state of spinning plates and just hanging on doing your best to stop them from dropping. During this planning session, we will use my CFO Planning framework to set yourself up for success in the new financial year. You'll be able to use this throughout the year to ensure you stay focused on what matters despite the noise and distractions you'll have along the way.

Learn more

Are you interested in setting yourself up for your next role?
Are you wondering what that might look like? What skills and traits you will need to have?

The CFO Connect series provides an intimate setting over breakfast and flowing coffee where CFOs can relax, share their stories and learn from each other. We focus on habits and skills for high performance and executive presence so that we can create CFOs of the Influence.

It is the perfect event for you if you don't like networking events of big groups of people but would love the opportunity to connect with people who share your challenges, can share ideas and support you with their connections.

I'd love to see you there.
Register here

Despite the increasing number of skills and traits that high performing CFOs are expected to have, the ability to influence has remained at the top. That's why we believe being a CFO of Influence is the 'gold standard' CFOs should strive for. Partnering is just the beginning.

Join Alena for this webcast where she will share with you the 4 domains of a CFO of Influence, what they look like and how staying on top of everything requires an understanding of their interdependence.

Once you have an understanding of these domains, you will be able to prioritise your areas of focus in a way that allows you to have immediate impact in the short term while setting yourself up for the long term.

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Need your team to lift?

Your ability to get out of the detail and focus on having commercial conversations and driving strategic objectives is a function of your team's ability to operate autonomously.

In this webinar, Alena will share with you the 3 factors holding your team back from performing at their best. She'll also share the skills and practices you can implement to set them up to play their 'A-game'.

When they rise, you rise and you can elevate into the CFO responsibilities that you want to focus on.

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Do you need to win back some time?

Join Alena where she will share with you some of the key time hacks CFOs of Influence use. She'll also give you the 'meta-framework' that will leave you like Teflon - able to prioritise effectively immediately after the webcast and let everything else slide effortlessly off your back.

This is a punchy 30 minute session that's not to be missed.

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The Leading Women in Finance Network: Connection Beyond the Numbers is an intimate network of leading women in finance who want connection and growth...without the canapes and small talk. There is still so much demand for sponsorship and support for women in finance as they continued to be outnumbered in the boardroom. This is that opportunity. Each quarter we hold a dinner event for Network members and their guests.

If this sounds like something you need in your life, join here. Alternatively, come and experience its impact at our next dinner event on June 16.

Book your seat here

Author: Alena Bennett

Alena works with leaders and their teams to connect technical and leadership skills so they can deliver to deadline without killing their people.
She is a mentor, trainer, facilitator and coach. Contact her today on [email protected]
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