Happy Friday! How are you doing?

Uncategorized Sep 20, 2018

Friday is a funny day. On one hand, we’re so relieved that the work week is technically almost over and we have 2 days ‘off’. On the other hand, we’re thinking ‘I just need 24 more hours to get everything done’, or reflecting, ‘where did the week go?’. Coupled with that, some of us are starting to think about the weekend - ferrying the kids around to their respective sporting activities and parties, catching up on personal admin - cleaning, shopping, hair appointments, and even how tired we’re going to feel on Sunday after we've gone out 2 nights in a row. To be honest, all of the above is exhausting. Fun and fulfilling, and your ambition is impressive, but it’s exhausting. So I'd like to ask you this, 'In order for you to have the intended 2 day recovery of the weekend, what do you need?'. You probably answered, 'more time' or 'to have this document completed'. Or something equally as practical and real. 'What do you really need?' Keep asking yourself this until you start answering the question with supposedly 'unrealistic' possibilities. Like, 'sleep in until 10am', ‘cancel on dinner’, 'not work' or even 'to not feel guilty that I'm not working'. This is your chance. Your chance to review your weekend against your deepest needs and commit to your decisions. So you can go all in. How to 'go all in'...in 5 steps

  1. identify what you really need this weekend, including the benefits it will bring you.

  2. review your plans for the weekend and what benefits those plans will bring you.

  3. connect the dots: where do your plans meet your needs?

  4. question your timing on all other plans and be ruthless in your decision making.

  5. add in any new plans that will help you meet your needs.

You should be left with a weekend plan that gives you a sense of excitement, energy and calm at the same time. Confidently recommit to these plans and remind yourself - out loud - why you have made that decision. Guilt, frustration, fatigue be gone. You don’t work by default. Let’s not rest by default. Have a great weekend 😊



About Alena: Alena works with leaders and their teams to connect technical and leadership skills so they can deliver to deadline without killing their people. She is a mentor, trainer, facilitator and coach. Contact her today on [email protected] https://www.alenabennett.com



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