Women in Finance

Ignite Purposeful Career Progress

Do you know you can integrate your purpose to your finance job by applying my proven techniques and learning the key capabilities that will bring it to life? 

Do you ever wonder why you feel a bit ‘meh’ about what you do even though you earn good money, are in a senior leadership role and live a pretty good life? 

Discover how to achieve the growth and progression you want from 2020….

So you can approach this year with confidence... that lasts well after most peoples’ New Years resolutions have failed

Here’s the secret: you’re missing something and you don’t know what that is. 

Let me explain:

Companies spend millions of dollars on employee engagement and trying to keep their employees happy and productive at work. They work on the assumption that their employees actually know what motives, engages and excites them at work. But you see, here’s the problem. Many women in finance ‘fell’ into their finance careers at a very young age, thinking that business and finance would be a good grounding career: they’ll learn the foundations of business and the world will be their oyster. They’ll have more options and choices when they’re older. 

But options can be overwhelming.

And so even though ‘we’re now older’ (shh I won’t tell anyone) we find ourselves in a position that we actually truly don’t know what we want.  We have been so busy establishing ourselves, proving our value and progressing our careers that we haven’t taken the time out to figure out what we truly want.

The problem organisations face is that without employees who have a detailed awareness of what engages them, all their efforts and dollars spent are only effective in the short term.

But let’s focus on you. 

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