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Do you ever wonder why you feel a bit ‘meh’ about what you do even though you earn good money, are in a senior leadership role and live a pretty good life? 

Do you feel that after a career of continued challenge and growth that you're starting to plateau at exactly the same time as you realise how male-centric your organisation is?

Do you look around and think that perhaps there's nowhere else to progress in your current workplace?

Here’s the secret: you’re missing something and you don’t know what that is.
It's purpose. 

Let me explain:

Companies spend millions of dollars on employee engagement and trying to keep their employees happy and productive at work. They work on the assumption that their employees actually know what motives, engages and excites them at work. But you see, here’s the problem. Many women in finance ‘fell’ into their finance careers at a very young age, thinking that business and finance would be a good grounding career: they’ll learn the foundations of business and the world will be their oyster. They’ll have more options and choices when they’re older. 

But options can be overwhelming.

And so even though ‘we’re now older’ (shh I won’t tell anyone) we find ourselves in a position that we actually truly don’t know what we want.  We have been so busy establishing ourselves, proving our value and progressing our careers that we haven’t taken the time out to figure out what we truly want.

The problem organisations face is that without employees who have a detailed awareness of what engages them, all their efforts and dollars spent are only effective in the short term.

But let’s focus on you. 

Did you know that you can integrate your purpose to your finance job by applying my proven techniques and learning the key capabilities that will bring it to life? 

 Whilst options are overwhelming, you know what else is? The unknown. The idea that you might discover your purpose and it will be so out of line with what you’re doing now, everything you’ve worked so hard for, everything has allowed you to be where you are now, that it simply depresses you. In fact, it’s easy to believe in that saying, ’better the devil you know than the devil you don’t’.


The big questions on my clients minds is how can I integrate my purpose with my job in a way that helps me continue to progress in a fulfilled way?


Many clients come to me and they have realised they have spent so long in this space that they haven’t done anything for themselves in years. So they think to themselves, it’s time for me. I don’t want to be feeling this way in 12 months time, I don’t want to be complaining about the same problems. It’s time to focus on me and helping me achieve what I want.


As a former finance leader myself, I understand this at a very intimate level. I fell into finance, I worked my way up the corporate ladder in Australia and the USA. I felt those feelings and I did the work. In doing so, I have been able to help hundreds of other women in their journey: to realise that they don’t need to throw the baby out with the bathwater, there is a deeper purpose in their hyper analytical fast paced jobs. When we do the work, and shift perspectives and learn what I call the ‘differentiating capabilities’, there is integration. Integration that leads to greater success. 


It has taken the 15+ years of finance leadership experience, coupled with the most recent 4 years of deep client work to achieve success through purpose integration, but I have finally perfected an approach that works and I want to share my almost 20 years of expertise with you.

Now you can have purpose-led success, too

Inside the ‘Amplify your impact’ program, you’ll find 4 core modules, each broken down into 3 discreet areas of focus. For each module, you will receive in-depth video training sessions along with the relevant guides, workbooks and templates to help make it as easy as possible for you to work through the module amongst your other priorities.


Here’s what you get in ‘Amplify your impact’

List of 12 modules:


If you are ready to get rid of that ‘meh’ feeling, step up your impact at work and feel confident and proud of the work you do, then click the button below to get immediate access to the [product title] today.

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