Invest in yourself and your team

to have greater impact and realise your potential. Alena can help you find clarity during times of change, transformation, and heightened regulation when you're really under pressure.


Listening to Alena speak engages all of your senses - you are stimulated with content, energy and passion. Her conviction is palpable, and whether you agree or disagree with what she's saying, you'll understand - and remember - what she had to say.


For over 15 years, Alena has led her own successes as a mum and leader with extensive audit, finance, risk, communications and leadership expertise in Australia and in the USA. Since being told at 19 to be 'the master of your own destiny', she brought this to life in her personal 


When Alena facilitates a room, the group immediately feels at ease and are energised to participate and learn. This creates the perfect environment for sharing, listening and growth to deliver the what's needed - and more. 


Coaching with Alena is fun, focused  and fair. Her style will guide you through the areas mutually defined, in a way that allows you to create your own insights to shift performance. Through those insights, she will work with you to develop the tools and processes - that work 

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