Alena truly partners with her clients, which is what makes her programs so successful.  They have been developed with the structure and flexibility to enable her clients to achieve their goals and deliver the outcomes they need to excel in their organisation. 


Teams are more than simply a group of people: they need to work together to achieve something...something big. As a leader of a team, you want to be able to set direction, and let them take it from there. You don't want to always be the middle man and get bogged down in the detail. You need them to be able to have genuine and productive conversations so that objectives are achieved efficiently and effectively. Download the brochure here.



Do you ever look around the room and wonder where the women are? Why women university graduates outnumber their male peers, but when you look at the composition of people around the table that has flipped? you have a relatively good balance of women at the table, but you don't notice them? Improving the presence, profile and performance of women in finance is critical if we ever want to to reach peak organisational performance. Read more about this program here.


Sick of struggling for buy-in? Want to have a seat at the table....and be heard? Read more about how you can get that seat, get peoples' attention and feel confident about doing so.


Crunch time is not about time. It's about getting through a big milestone, project or process without the collateral damage and burnout that often accompanies it. It's about performing at your best when it matters. Take a fresh approach to your next crunch time and make it your best one yet! Read here.


Studies show that around 65% of our behaviour is determined by subconscious motivators. This means that how people perceive us can be based on things we don't even know we're doing! When we unlock that knowledge, we are able to transform the way we communicate for success, improve the impact of our relationships, and identify the key areas we can focus on to improve our performance at work. Through this program, knowledge is power. Learn more here. 

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