Make your career count with Alena Bennett

Have you been wondering whether it’s time to get a new job?

Have you been putting off taking action because you don’t know where to start?

Are you feeling the pressure that now might be a bad time to be looking, but can’t bear the thought of being stuck in your current role for another 6 months?

What if I were to tell you that this is exactly the right time to refresh and rebrand yourself in the market? Rebuilding your personal brand as a leader in finance - one that you believe in and feel comfortable owning - is an empowering process, that when done with structure, strategy and rigour - is the key to setting yourself up for your next career opportunity WHATEVER the circumstances.

Getting a great job in finance has a unique set of challenges. The profession is undergoing significant change and transformation in perception, image and brand and your profile is largely shaped by how willing your organisation has been to partner with finance and the acceptable culture within your finance team.

It’s probable your personal leadership brand needs a ‘lift’ to get you the opportunities you seek.

This Career Cut-through workshop has been designed to give you that lift.

  • Have you plateaued in your current role, or felt you’ve outgrown it or your organisation?

  • Do you worry about being pigeon-holed, or being stuck in the same job forever, if you don’t move soon?

  • Are there no opportunities for growth on the horizon?

  • Are you sick of the challenges at work, not really challenging you anymore? 

  • Does the idea of putting yourself on the market make you a little ill?

Is it time to 'call time' on your current job, but you're not sure how?

Leaders in finance are highly valued in the market. The remit of a Chief Financial Officer, Finance Director or Head of Finance has excitingly broadened, allowing finance professionals to really spread their wings and flourish within organisations. Leaders in financial services are expected to be able to understand and synthesise the ongoing regulatory changes so that they can be agile and lead their teams effectively.

No more are companies looking for bean counters and number crunchers. They’re looking for leaders in finance to take their company into the next phase of growth and success.


However, it’s no secret that today supply is greater than demand. With some of the largest companies in Australia - and globally - laying off hundreds of thousands of staff, those opportunities are becoming fewer. Accounting firms and financial services giants are repeatedly in the news sharing their latest rounds of job cuts, thus sending more highly qualified and experienced finance professionals out into the job market.


Never has it been more important for leaders in finance be able to tell their stories and sell themselves.

When you take ownership of your career and have access to a proven and structured process to get new opportunities that is tailored for finance professionals, you are equipped with the skills, tools and confidence to sell yourself in a tough market.


At this stage in your career, technical expertise isn’t enough. Everyone can say they are a successful finance professional. However, not everyone is you and has your edge.


Do you know what your edge is?


Being on the job market can be challenging on the psyche of a finance professional that has easily transitioned from job to job. Twenty years ago, finding a well paid finance job was far easier because automation wasn’t popular, outsourcing the transactions finance responsibilities wasn’t ‘a thing’ and still employed countless finance professionals. 


Staring down the barrel of being unemployed can create an identity crisis at its extreme. For the first time in your life, you might find yourself feeling out of control of your future and this might be a terrifying prospect. Typically speaking, finance professionals like order, structure and being in control. Anything but can be unsettling. Self doubt creeps in, you start to ask yourself ‘what will my family think of me?’ and worry for your loved ones. Left unaddressed, this may even turn into ‘does this make me a failure?’  


You need to take back control and get career cut-through.

Opportunity flow represents how many desirable opportunities come your way, especially before other people become aware of them. That means, you cannot rely on recruiters alone or your boss to put you forward for that great internal opportunity. An opportunity flow less than 50% is indicative of a job search that is relying on chance. Hope is not a strategy. 

You need to be highly visible in a crowded market


You need to maximise your opportunity flow so your doubt doesn't turn into desperation and your opportunity flow dries up. We all know you can smell desperation.

During this workshop, I will give you my process that will help you identify your edge and integrate this with your purpose, so that you become in demand. Companies seek you out, your internal stakeholders want you at the decision-making table.

Be proactive and take a strategic approach. Make it easy for your prospective employers and organisations to find you, and for opportunities to flow. 

You will walk away from this workshop with:

  • A clear understanding of the landscape for leaders in finance

  • The knowledge (and tools) to overcome the challenges you will face

  • The key collaterals to helping you secure your next great career opportunity

  • A framework to ensure that you are doing the right things to maximise your opportunity flow (without it turning into a full-time job!)

  • How you can accelerate this process and your success if time is a pressing factor

The details:

 This workshop will be online and interactive. This is not training - this workshop will progress you toward your next opportunity.

You will need to come with:

  • Your CV

  • Access to your LinkedIn profile

  • Your notice period and knowledge of any gardening leave/non-compete clauses (you don't need to disclose these)

  • Any other job hunting work you have done already

You will get:

  • My proven process I use with my 1:1 coaching clients through to land them their best jobs

  • A structure to move forward with the confidence of knowing you are focussed on the right thing

  • Your own e-workbook that will include my frameworks and an easy way to capture your insights and actions

The financial investment is $497 + GST


This workshop is ideal for you if:​​

  • You know you have more to give and want to find an opportunity that will allow you to shine

  • You are actively seeking your next opportunity in finance and you want to ensure you're doing the right thing

  • You are a self-starter and entrusted with the right tools and frameworks, you will do the work

  • You need a strategic plan that maximises your productivity and ensures you don't invest your time and energy in the wrong places.

This is not ideal for you if:

  • You're content staying in the finance back-office

  • You're not inspired to unlock your leadership potential

  • You want me to do the work for you

When you commit to doing this work, you take back control of your career. I look forward to supporting you! 

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