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To have greater impact and realise your potential. Alena can help you find clarity during times of change, transformation, and heightened regulation when you're really under pressure.


For over 15 years, Alena has led her own successes as a mum and leader with extensive audit, finance, risk, communications and leadership expertise in Australia and in the USA. Since being told at 19 to be 'the master of your own destiny', she brought this to life in her personal and professional life which led to extraordinary outcomes. She continues to role model this in her work leading herself and her clients with conviction and courage to deliver with impact. 


Coaching with Alena is fun, focused  and fair. Her style will guide you through the areas mutually defined, in a way that allows you to create your own insights to shift performance. Through those insights, she will work with you to develop the tools and processes - that work for you - to deliver your objectives.

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What our clients say...

"Prior to working with Alena I was struggling to make progress in displaying the CFO qualities that I needed to take my career to the next level and to build relationships with key stakeholders in my business, particularly the Executive Team. The focus of our work in the first 12 months was on being clear on my mindset and to change the impact I have at work. It felt like I had a personal cheerleader who would challenge me in the right way and the spacing of our meetings every fortnight meant that I kept my goals in the front of my mind and I was held accountable for achieving my goals and completing the actions that I had set for myself. After working with Alena I received positive feedback from my boss and from the Executive Team about the impact I had with them in meetings. I was able to deepen my professional relationships with them allowing me the opportunity to influence them and decisions being made in our company. I am now seen as a leader amongst my peers and was financially rewarded as a result of the  achievement of my personal development goals in the latest performance year."

Emma Roche

General Manager - Group Finance and Investor Relations

"Before working with Alena I was lacking clarity in my purpose and the value I was delivering in my personal and professional life. After working with Alena I am now energised, understand my purpose and the value I bring to my organisation and my team. More importantly I am now able to recognise the things I can and can’t control. This has given me perspective and meant I can handle stress more effectively. Alena’s support has been invaluable and I would definitely recommend Alena. She has a structured, analytical approach and is a great person to talk to. I would not hesitate to recommend Alena. "

Jennifer Cheung

Head of Commercial Finance

"I used to struggle with my self-confidence and the belief that I held the knowledge and skills to deliver purposefully in my role. I was unsure how to approach opportunities that were on my doorstep; opportunities that would allow me to reach the professional goals I had set for myself. Now, after working with Alena, I recognise the value I add to my team and my wider community on a daily basis, I am equipped with different tools that have allowed me to influence conversations and strategic outcomes of the program; my professional relationships have strengthened as I am engaged in more meaningful conversations and interactions, and I learnt which mechanisms I needed to put in place to ensure I continued to embed the skills I learnt, holding myself to account on a daily basis. The cost in dollars and my time was definitely money well spent!"

Bridget Orbell

Project Management Office Transformation Lead

"Alena’s insights and coaching tools helped me to articulate and understand my goals both personally and at work. I have gained a great deal of insight into how my core values shape what I am trying to achieve. At the stage of my career I am at, this has enabled me to critically evaluate what I prioritise, and shaped conversations with my seniors. Alena’s experience in finance has meant she really understands the dynamics of my workplace and situation. I am very happy to recommend Alena as a leadership coach."

Jane Gregs

Group Financial Controller

"Before working with Alena I was experiencing some challenges with senior stakeholders, hitting brick walls with key projects and personally at a cross roads with my career. After working with Alena I am now confident in my approach with senior executives with the business, I have a stronger alignment with strategic objectives, I have gained a greater understanding my stakeholder drivers and have gained a level of influence within the business where I am being recognised for my value. On a personal level, I have clarity about my career path, what I stand for and how I want to be perceived in the workplace and public forum. Alena has challenged my thinking and built up my confidence for success. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking to progress and be challenged.’"

Samantha Noonan

Design Lead, Performance Enablement