Results Beyond the Numbers
12 week Online Implementation Program for Women in Finance

Program commences Friday 2nd October, 2020

It's time to find the power in your purpose

Are you a female finance leader?

Are you one of only a few female leaders in your area of the organisation or amongst your peers?

Are you looking for a 'lift' in your career and performance at work?


If so, then read on... 

Women in finance are highly sought after in the workplace. But one of the biggest challenges women in finance face is the lack of female role models. Although women represent almost half of the financial services industries in some countries, in 2018 only 12.2% of CFO positions were held by women globally. Similarly, we see that only 15% of lead engagement partners auditing S&P 500 companies are women and only 24% of investment managers are women (even though females represent 55% of the financial services and insurance industry). Additionally, despite a recent Chief Executive Women report indicating a small positive shift in the proportion of women in CFO roles in Australia, there is still an alarming trend that when women get to a certain level of leadership within the organisation, or a particular stage in their careers, they start to feel stagnant, unsupported and unfulfilled.

Got the book? This is the perfect complement to help you unlock the power of possibility.

Part of the problem is that this feeling often arises when you're at a fairly senior level in your career where it feels like the stakes are high, your brand is established and there is a high level of risk associated with any step that might be 'outside the box'. What exacerbates that challenge is that when you look beside and above you, you're one of only a few women and it can be scary and isolating to have these thoughts when you have no one to (safely) share them with.

Never has it been more important for women in finance be able to grow and enhance their leadership skills with the support of other women.

When you're a woman in finance, you typically go through the following 4 stage journey:

Stage 1: early stage of your career: straight out of uni. This stage is all about LEARNING.

Stage 2: first leadership role. This stage is all about GROWTH.

Stage 2A: when you feel the growth stops and stress ceases to be about the work itself. Feelings of stress and eniety start to be about not being valued, not receiving opportunities and not being supported.

Intersection C becomes your defining moment. Is this the moment you draw a line in the sand and say to yourself, 'tomorrow will be different' or do you make the choice to throw the baby out with the bathwater and leave your job (with baggage in tow?

Stage 3 is about RESULTS. The results you achieve in Stage 3 will simply be an outcome of your choice at 'C'.

Which path do you choose?

It's a bit like those 'Choose your own adventure stories' that we read as kids. There are a multitude of possible endings, but I would like to invite you to choose your ending and make that your reality.

When you consider that your career can be simplified on a graph like the one above, you might think 'what is wrong with me? Why does this feel so difficult?' Don't worry, you're not alone. 

In theory, you're on a great wicket right now. You've worked hard through the learning and growing phases, you're starting to really learn about your leadership style and you're keen to create positive change within your organisation and for your team. But because you feel unsettled, you don't act on this. Instead, you start to doubt yourself, your place int he organisation, and sadly, your worth.

I call this a 'crisis of purpose'.

This is why the bedrock of my work is in purpose. 

Meaning: the missing ingredient for most women in finance.

Making meaning is what women in finance do best. You take data, turn it into insights and help the business take meaningful action towards delivering its strategic objectives. This online program allows you to do this for yourself and your career.


You will walk away from this program with:

  • A clear framework and detailed steps to show you how to move forward in your career and maintain your continued success.

  • Strong relationships with a powerbase of like minded women in finance 

  • Conviction in your purpose and how you bring that essence to life through your work in a way that gives you 'the edge'.

  • The confidence to lean into your work and do what initially is perceived to be scary things.

  •  The ability to have greater impact at work: from your presence in meetings to the way you lead your boss and your team. (Yes, you will find yourself leading your boss - that was not a typo!)

  • An extraordinary ability to get you what you want out of every meeting you attend. 

Most women that approach me need one or more of the following 3 things:

  • Fulfillment: we achieve this through ASPIRATION. Aspiration is all about the road to finding your purpose. What you need to be at your most productive and effective at work, and how that is linked to your long term purpose.

  • Capability to improve performance and get to the next level: we achieve this through ATTRIBUTES and APPROACH. Through these sections we address the mindsets and capabilities imperative for a woman in finance to thrive.

  • Confidence: this happens at the intersection of the above elements. When you participate in this online program, you will find that your confidence starts to emerge within the first 4 weeks. In fact, you will likely feel like it's magic. It's not. You simply will have done the work, you've got the support of the cohort and that is when the confidence will emerge. 

When you follow a proven approach, that has been developed especially for women in finance, ​you permanently shift your possibilities. When you commit and do the work, you turn that possibility into a probability. And when you embed the work, it results in exceptional performance.

You deliver results beyond the numbers.

How it works:

 This program operates on a 12 week cycle with intakes limited to defined cohorts. This is because the community we create to form part of our powerbase is an invaluable outcome of the program.


As soon as you register for this program, you will be sent a physical copy of my book, Meaning Matters: Results Beyond the Numbers and an electronic copy of the complete workbook that you will use to guide you through this program. You will also be invited to the Meaning Matters Online Private Facebook group. This is the forum with which we will communicate, share ideas and help support each other. It is an invaluable part of this program!


The following 12 weeks:

  • Each week you will receive an email from me. This will welcome you to the week and introduce to you to the topic of focus. This email will also provide you with the link to the week's module.

  • The online program uses the learning platform, Thinkific. Each module comprises a welcome video, an implementation video and an activity to complete to achieve the learning outcome. You will be provided with a link to the relevant resource (that is also contained in your workbook). The expected time commitment each week on the content is ~20 minutes. But like anything, you get out what you put in, so if you need more support in a particular area, the material is structured in a way to allow you the flexibility and opportunity to invest more time.

  • Each fortnight, we will come together for a group coaching session. The purpose of the group coaching session is to:

  1. Celebrate wins amongst the group (there will be many!)

  2. Help embed the concepts covered in the online program over the past fortnight, and

  3. Coach you through any challenges or opportunities you have at work so that you can implement the content most effectively.


Participation in this program is highly interactive. This is not training and you will not achieve results by osmosis. This is outcome focused learning in action.

What's included:

  • A copy of my book, Meaning Matters: Results Beyond the Numbers.

  • The proven process I use with my 1:1 coaching clients through to help them amplify their impact at work and perform with purpose.

  • A structure to help make the learning and growth simple, applied and sustained.

  • A complete workbook to capture your insights, learnings and actions to help you stay on track and accountable to yourself. This workbook also contains the key models and frameworks so also serves as a guidebook for easy reference.

  • The support of a finance leadership expert who understands the complexities of your context and a group of highly successful peers.

  • Bonus content, materials and tools along the way curated to the needs of you and your cohort of peers.

The financial investment is $497 + GST


This program is ideal for you if:​​

  • You know you have more to give and want to find opportunities that allow you to shine

  • You want to establish or improve your leadership brand within your organisation

  • You are a self-starter and entrusted with the right tools and frameworks, you will do the work. 

  • You need a strategic professional development plan that maximises your productivity and ensures you don't invest your time and energy in the wrong places.

This is not ideal for you if:

  • You're content staying in the finance back-office

  • You're not inspired to unlock your leadership potential

  • You want me to do the work for you

When you commit to doing this work, you will find the power in your purpose and you will be unstoppable. I look forward to supporting you! 

What previous participants have said about this program...

"Being a part of the Meaning Matters Online Program has been transformational.  I have never participated in such a tailored program for, as the name suggests, Women in Finance.  The program breaks down big concepts into bite-sized modules that have meaningful impact on your work.  You also have the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with like-minded women, share success and disaster stories, you have the opportunity to be vulnerable whilst being lifted up by a group of supportive women.  This program pushes you to go beyond your comfort zone and succeed!" - Kathy, Partner of Audit Firm

"Alena, you have not only provided us with the most incredible platform of tools but opened up a network and a way of thinking that will shape the rest of my career." - Liza, Finance Director

"Alena, thanks so much for all your guidance and support over the past few months. I feel I have grown and developed a lot over the past few months and couldn't have done it without you or the wonderful group of ladies you have brought together. Thank you for your wisdom and 'challenging questions' - you get me out of my comfort zone and I have had some confronting thoughts, but I also wouldn't have grown without them. Thank you so much!" - Catherine, Global Finance Manager

"Alena, I have loved learning from you and enjoyed the many insights form the other talented women in the group. Here's to the success of this program and to empowering many more Finance Ladies through your work in the future. Cheers!" - Larissa, Senior Finance and Risk leader

"Alena, It's hard to put into words the impact you have had on me. You've taught me different ways to look at things, you've encouraged me and coached me, and you've been so very supporting over the last 12 weeks. I couldn't be more grateful." - Sonia, Chief Financial Officer


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