Connection Beyond the Numbers

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What does being in the Leading Women in Finance Network involve?

12 months of connecting with like minded women in finance who want to lead with purpose, presence and deliver results with people

After a year of connecting informally at our quarterly dinners in Sydney, we recognise the potential of this special group we have created. It's time to find the power in our purpose

A 12 month membership to the Leading Women in Finance Network will:

- facilitate the meaningful connection of you with other female finance leaders;

- progress your performance through mini-masterclass sessions and monthly missions;

- elevate your profile by giving you the stage to amplify your impact for a month;

- deliver additional curated content that is tailored and relevant to you.


Benefits of being a member of the Leading Women in Finance Network include:

- exposure to a broad range of women in the industry who can form part of your powerbase.

- discounts on Leading Women in Finance quarterly dinner events.

- discounts on other programs and products delivered by Alena Bennett and her guests.  

- access to member only content so you don't have to worry about missing anything when you find you're crunched for time.

Connect at a deep level in a safe space with like minded women away from the fast pace world of finance. 
Through our face to face dinners and virtual vinos:
Have cut-through conversations.
Share experiences that energise.
Deliver actions that inspire.
 Guarantee meaningful progress with the support of and accountability to your powerbase. Each month you have the option to join the 'monthly mission' and a mini-masterclass to move you forward.
Create possibility.
Plan activity.
Have accountability.
Growth happens in the discomfort zone. Vulnerability quickens connection. Each month we will showcase a member to help you get comfortable talking about yourself and allow others to know "your edge".
Increase your presence.
Improve your profile.
Showcase your performance.
All the content, resources and insights delivered and gained through the Network will be housed in one location so you don't need to worry about missing out. Let us ease that burden for you.
Remove friction.
Strengthen the foundation.
Get you into 5th gear.

Joining fee (one-time only): $30

Annual membership fee.    : $199

Special launch offer: waive $30 joining fee! (until 15th September)

See us in action!

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Join a network of women that together will become the female finance leaders of the future.
Yearly membership


Waive the $30 joining fee (until September 15)

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I look forward to seeing you soon!

Obsessed with delivering results beyond the numbers, Alena helps women in finance unleash the power of their purpose, and brings that to life by teaching them the mindset, skills and behaviours they need to deliver results that inspire.

She started the Leading Women in Finance Network inspired by her love of good food and conversation, and with the encouraging nudge of a good friend and client of hers.



Alena believes that connecting senior women in finance is the key to raising the profile of a career in finance for both men and women. In doing so, together we can lift the conversation and shape the future of finance cultures together. She has found it difficult to find where to connect in a genuine way with women in finance outside of a training or conference environment, and thought she’d take matters into her own hands. 




We’ve all been to ‘networking’ events that were large scale, and filled with highly processed canapés and shallow conversation. She started this group by extending the invitation to people who’s company she genuinely enjoyed and was inspired by. The rest is history.


Learn more about Alena here