Do you know who your ‘at risk’ employees are? Yes, you have have an employee net promoter score, but do you have a gut feel that there’s tension sitting right below these results? 



Have you had any highly valued female employees leave recently? Did you know that was going to happen? How much is it going to cost you now that you have to replace them? What will be the ripple effect on other women? Can you afford to wait until the next employee survey?


This program will help you move your female talent up the fulfilment scale from ‘underutilised’ to ‘fulfilled’.



Part of the challenge when working with your female employees is that they often self-select due to preconceived notions of how your organisation values leadership, their skill set if they have taken time off for parental leave, how senior they can really get if they plan to have children in the future. This is unsurprising when you note that 10% of ASX 200 companies still don't have a woman on their board.


This program unblocks those biases and releases the potential within your female talent and provides them the tools and therefore confidence to really be fulfilled at work and therefore thrive as never before.

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