LEADERSHIP MATTERS: Connecting Technical & Leadership 


Let curiosity kill the stereotype​



Are you being the leader you want to be? Are you being the leader you want to

work for? Do you know the answers to these questions? Possibly not and that’s

OK. You’re not alone. Right now, senior leaders face these challenges:

* The volume and complexity of work continues to increase, leading to the

* The 'do more with less' dilemma as budgets and resourcing remains stagnant.

* Teams not working well together, therefore performance isn't maximised.

* Desire to move away from 'back-office' and towards ‘commercial business partner’.


These challenges in today's environment where innovation and transformation are the norm, and 

the increasing presence of Artificial Intelligence and the Digital Revolution can result in leaders questioning their longer term opportunities as they haven’t truly invested in their ability to lead



This program invites leaders to get curious and close the gap between ‘chaotic’ to ‘connected’.


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