• Are you at a point in your career where technical excellence isn't enough?

  • Does it concern you that may be passed over for career opportunities that may be perfect for you?

  • Have you been told you need to find "your thing" to excel in and allow you to stand out?

  • (No idea where to start?)

  • Are you worried they might not like what they see?

CEOs and Partners need more out of their finance professionals.
In today’s context, according to the Economic Times, leaders in
finance must have:

1.Entrepreneurial Vigour: Lead with Agility & Flexibility

2.Emotional Intelligence: Lead with people

3.Customer First: Lead with Empathy

But with a calendar that’s already back-to-back with meetings, leaders in finance need to draw on a skill that sits above those 3 very ‘big’ capabilities: “their thing”. And don’t get me wrong: identifying your thing in a way that lifts your performance at work is not easy. And in fact, it’s a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. It can seem easier to walk away - most people do. But nothing good ever came easy and if you do the work you will stand out.


However, whilst you might think you have no time to do this work, the biggest barrier for leaders in finance (in fact, most people!) is that we don’t like looking at ourselves in the mirror. I’m not talking about the subtle filtered selfie, I’m talking about the raw ‘I’m afraid what it might look like’ view. But fear not: this is where purpose can help. 

Purpose sets our direction and fuels our momentum.

It is the underlying force behind "your thing".

Identifying your purpose is interesting: awareness is the first step towards action.

Connecting to purpose is useful: when you make the decision to ‘use’ your purpose at work you gain access to a new perspective and therefore access new ideas to help you lead more effectively.

Purpose integration is powerful: when you integrate your purpose into your work, the distinction between work and life breaks down. 


“Your thing” bubbles to the surface and you get to lean into the power of your purpose. No more putting on that mask, or ’that coat of armour’ when you walk through the office door (or turn on Zoom!).

Maximise your opportunities for growth and allow yourself to shine.

Find the purpose in your purpose and be the finance leader of the future.

In this free webinar, Alena Bennett will show you:

  • How knowing “your thing" is the difference between leaders in finance who thrive and those that don't

  • Why purpose is an imperative not an indulgence for leaders in finance 

  • Uncover the 3 secrets to finding “your thing"

  • How identifying “your thing” will enable you to speak up with greater confidence and contribute the way you want

  • Why “your thing” is a highly valued intangible asset that is often overlooked by leaders in finance and therefore is an easy way to make quick and big gains at work.

Thursday July 23rd, 1:30pm

Your webinar host:

Alena Bennett As a Chartered Accountant with international public practice and corporate experience and a trained educator and published author, Alena is the go-to for leaders in financed professional services looking for next-level success.


Her clients include leaders in finance and teams within corporate organisations, professional services practices, government services organisations and professional membership associations of varying sizes. 


Alena is the author of the recently published leadership book, “Meaning Matters: Results Beyond the Numbers”.