If team cohesion is the goal, Alena can use results of motivational profiling to identify areas of focus. In doing so, teams are provided with a shared understanding of each others' motivational patterns and how these can be perceived. Armed with this information, teams are enabled with tools and skills to develop their shared language and way of working.

Alena designs her educational experiences based on blended learning principles underpinned by the core concepts of adult learning. In the age where information is free, Alena's focus is providing the right context to help participants encourage reflection, apply concepts and create actions to make the learning stick. Highly interactive, don't expect to be a passenger!

When Alena facilitates a room, the group immediately feels at ease and are energised to participate and learn. This creates the perfect environment for sharing, listening and growth to deliver the what's needed - and more. 

 You will walk out of the room having generated great ideas, removed road blocks, planned and agreed a course of action and delivery. When your teams walk out of the room, notice the spring in their step and their desire and ability to take action.

"Love Alena. So adaptable and helpful! Love the purpose workshop!"

"Amazing tips about prioritising planning and thinking about how other people perceive the message with their own senses."

"Found this session to be a great summation and thought provoker."

"Alena was very good at drawing the link and learnings from each of the speakers."

"Loved Alena's session- Alena was interesting and interested..a lot of fun too!"

"Alena was a natural presenter and I found her easy to engage with."

"Enjoyed the session and have key learnings to take away back to workplace"

"Very practical and helpful"

what our participants say…

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