Monday 14th September: Who should be in your powerbase to help you get your next job
Monday 21st September: How to interview the interviewer 
Monday 28th September: Why your purpose gives you the edge when looking for your next opportunity

  • Are you a leader in finance in the job market?

  • Are you following a recruitment process that's getting you to the final interview stages, but not over the line?

  • Are you sick of coming second all the time? 

  • Do you need to get your next job?  

The job market has become increasingly challenging over the 

last 6 months. Demand is low, supply is high and the news 

reminds us every day just how tough it is out there.

That said, exceptional leaders in finance will continue to be in

demand if they can demonstrate their value. As organisations

redefine their operating models they will be looking for the 

support and guidance of finance professionals are able to

handle a broad remit. They will be searching for leaders who can think and act strategically and get their hands dirty if needed. But in a lot of cases, they won't know quite what they need because the landscape is still rapidly changing.

Those who are successful in their final interviews are those that know how to navigate the interviews - they understand interviews are the ultimate of influencing conversations.

This mini-masterclass series designed for leaders in finance who are in the market for a new job. In the current times, it is more important than to know how to successfully navigate your way through the job search process and, once you're there, the interview process.

These mini-masterclasses cover key elements that will help leaders in finance:
- increase their opportunities to find their next role
- articulate their value proposition in a way that stands apart from the others
- increase their confidence as they embark on a job search process in one of the most difficult markets in recent history

If you are a leader in finance who has a robust process in place but haven't yet managed to get the 'yes', then this is a great way to get that 'boost' you need in your job search.

The ones that get the job are those that know how to pitch themselves and articulate their value.

When you have the support of a powerbase, you turn your opportunity flow into an opportunity flood.

When you take a strategic approach to interview preparation, you take the pressure off and get better results. 

Clarity is contagious - when you can articulate your value, others see your value. 

Leaders in finance who are successfully landing jobs during this very different time have others looking for jobs on their behalf.

Maximise your opportunities for growth and allow yourself to shine.

Find the power in your purpose and be the finance leader of the future.

This mini-masterclass series is ideal for you if you:

  • have been in the market for awhile

  • find yourself frequently in the final 2 or 3.

  • need an alternative perspective and additional interview tips from an expert in helping leaders in finance create and land great jobs. 

This mini-masterclass series is not for you if:

  • you want to get just 'any' job

  • you're not willing to do the preparation

  • you're new to the job market and need a proven process to follow. (You should check this out if this is you.)

You will walk away with a mini-book which covers:

  1. A list of people you need to make contact with to double your opportunity flow.

  2. The 7 steps to nailing your interview.

  3. A framework to help you articulate your unique leadership proposition (ULP).

The financial investment is $87 + GST (or $27 + GST if purchased individually).

Can't make all the dates? Don't worry, you'll get the recordings!

Every Monday in September, commencing 14th


Your webinar host:

Alena Bennett As a Chartered Accountant with international public practice and corporate experience and a trained educator and published author, Alena is the go-to for leaders in financed professional services looking for next-level success.


Her clients include leaders in finance and teams within corporate organisations, professional services practices, government services organisations and professional membership associations of varying sizes. 


Alena is the author of the recently published leadership book, “Meaning Matters: Results Beyond the Numbers”.