Female Leaders in Business
Elevate your career: during and post COVID-19 
with Alena Bennett

Does it feel like work is busier than it's ever been before?

Do you find that work and life is a little chaotic as you battle remote working, home schooling, and social distancing (making even a trip to the grocery store an effort)?

Are you suffering with the heavy burden of the mental load as you worry about the health and safety of your loved ones? 

Have you had to drop everything and deal with the urgent issues at work and home at the expense of making progress towards your career aspirations? 

Are you concerned that "when this is over" the world will have moved forward and you'll be left behind?

You are not alone. 

If you are prioritising life: doing the things to keep you, your family and loved ones safe, healthy and happy, then BRAVO. That is #1.


If you know in your heart that you want to set those boundaries, but are struggling to do so because of your work isn't conducive to that, then that's hard. 

But if you feel that tension between stopping because it feels that everything has stopped around you and continuing to push forward because you are concerned with falling behind as a result, then join Alena where she shares her insights and tools to help you elevate your career - now and once the world has righted itself.




It’s probable that you need to reset and redesign your career plan so that you do the right work now to get you the opportunities you seek in the future.

This Careers Post-COVID workshop has been designed to give you the platform to do the work.

  • Are you one of the few females at your level of leadership?

  • Have you found yourself the only female on your zoom calls lately? 

  • Do you worry that you're not up to the job and so hesitate before speaking up?

  • Do people describe you as confident (and sometimes you wonder why)?

  • Are you worried that others find your views different and divisive?

Do you want unleash your inner power and be visible? 

The details:

 This workshop will be online and interactive

You will need to come with:

  • A willingness to learn and 'step into the arena'.

  • The humility to be vulnerable and ask the questions that you need answering.

  • A supportive heart to hold the space for every participant to learn.

You will walk away from this workshop with:

  • The 3 things holding you back from what's possible

  • The key leadership skills you must have if you want to be the 'Female leader of the Future' 

  • How to be strategic, tactical and practical so you can set yourself up for the long game and still get your BAU done.

  • Practical strategies you can embrace and implement during these turbulent times


This workshop is ideal for you if:​​

  • You are a female leader in business with ambition

  • You are a high performer and know you have more to give

  • You want to keep yourself relevant in the future: you want to future-proof yourself

  • You are crunched for time and so need a plan that maximises your productivity and ensures you don't invest your time and energy in the wrong places

  • You understand that you are in control of your career destiny, and are willing to do the work to create your next opportunity for success

  • You are a self-starter and entrusted with the right tools and frameworks, you will do the work

  • You need some more tools into your leadership toolkit for your success.

This is not ideal for you if:

  • You're content with the status quo

  • You're not inspired to unlock your leadership potential

  • You aren't accountable for your results

  • You want me to do the work for you

When you commit to doing this work, you take back control of your career. I look forward to supporting you! 

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