Are you getting a good ROI from the effort you put in at work?

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2019

When we work with leaders, we often talk about effort to impact ratio. Because we understand that as leaders, having an impact is critical to getting the job done in the time and with the resources you have. It is the key way to do your job and ensure there is plenty of energy left in the tank for life outside work.


At your level, performance starts to be measured based on your perceived impact in the organisation. However...impact doesn’t come simply by turning the dial up on effort. Just the same as you can’t push to win a marathon by ‘running faster for longer’, to increase your leadership impact, you need a strategy. The focus of that strategy, however, will differ for each of us.


Marshall Goldsmith’s What Got You Here Won’t Get You There explores this in practical detail. He addresses the fact that in order to make a step change in our performance and impact, our strategies also need to change. Regardless of the work you have done to get you to this level of success, ‘an excessive need to be me’ (habit #20 in his book) can hold you back if you are unwilling to change tactics and up the ante. Focusing on the ’things that got you here’ are the precise things that start to reduce your effort to impact ratio.


To help you identify those areas that could create an immediate shift in your impact, I have created the ‘Executive Impact Assessment’ (EIA). Designed for leaders like you who have extremely busy workloads, taking 5 minutes to complete the 15 simple questions will help you get a glimpse of where you can deliver with more impact. Think of this EIA like a compass…it will tell you where you need to understand more about why you’re not getting a ROI on your effort. Simply download and complete the EIA and then submit your responses confidentially to [email protected] and we will send you the exact tool that you need to elevate and amplify your impact immediately.


As we approach the weekend, do yourself a favour...take a positive step to improve your effort ROI. It may be the most impactful 5 minutes you spend this week.



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